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Petasos Beach Resort & Spa x Mykonos

The recently renovated 5 Star Petasos Beach Resort & Spa in Mykonos is set on a private peninsula between the well known beaches of Platis Yialos and Psarou Beach. Offering breathtaking views, unique privacy and relaxation the Petasos Beach Resort & Spa is located only 3.5 km from the city of Mykonos. It combines Greek hospitality and contemporary design and embraces the colours and vibe of Mykonos. You can choose between between different types of accommodation. The superior room for example features a jacuzzi, sauna and a balcony with views over the sea. In addition to that thePetasos Beach Resort & Spa features two swimming pools, a gym and a spa.



Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-19 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-12 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-11 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-10 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-14 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-17 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-09 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-08 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-07 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-06 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-05 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-01 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-02 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-03 Petasos-Beach-Resort-Spa-Mykonos-04

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