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Fendi’s Vending Machine on New Bond Street

Vending machines dolling out high-end, fashionable products have been popping up to woo passionate shopaholics. We have already seen Fendi’s arcade style vending machines pop up at the brand’s ephemeral outpost at Harrods. Fendi has now integrated this playful method of wooing fans at their new Bond Street store too.


Fendi_Vending_machinesFendi boutique windows have been transformed into dispensers of luxury. One of the windows shows two vending machines highlighting the Baguette and the Peekaboo bags.

Fendi_Vending_machines_1Fendi_Vending_machines_2Don’t miss out the zipper detailing at the bottom of each bag-dispensing machine. Also one of the vending machines has gold Peekaboo bags waiting to be picked up!

The Italian luxury fashion house suggests to insert your fantasy coin, click the button and turn on your Fendi desires!


Source: the pursuitist

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