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About VKTM & Luis Costa

Luís Ângelo Costa 24 years old, grew up Luanda Angola and has spent the last 5 years in London. After studying and obtaining a degree in Civil Engineering  he decided to pursue his career in Business which started to develop a significant importance in his life with a Masters of International Business and Finance  at the renown Hult International Business School.

The Business side of Luís always existed but was further accentuated in 2012 when alongside some friends he decided to create his first business endeavour  at the time mainly focused on the entertainment market. However with the  man’s “lifestyle” aspect being an daily important part of his life he decided them to create “VK Tailor Made” which is non-less than his point of view of Business, specially the ones associated with a bespoke lifestyle.

With this blog he will attempt to share his passions raging from man’s lifestyle (from his point of view), his daily routine, culinary from business and lifestyle point of view and many other aspects which he loves and hope you readers and lifestyle lovers too.

Luís Ângelo Costa

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